The Invention Hub is a two floor 7000 sq. ft. convertible space in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. We’re an office for impact initiatives and other mission-aligned companies during the day, and an event space for unique experiences at night.


Just Business is an impact investment firm, providing early-stage capital to companies. We want positive, social impact to be a part of companies’ DNA, and demonstrate how to build viable and scalable business models with multiple bottom lines.

We founded the Invention Hub as a collaborative space for a community dedicated to creating new futures for exploited individuals and marginalized communities worldwide.


Our mission and values are grounded in the philosophy and work of the non-profit Not For Sale. We want to live in a world free of human trafficking and exploited labor.

Markets for exploited and forced labor exist when the economy fails those that have been marginalized. As a part of the San Francisco community, we are dedicated to bridge the gap in the economy by sourcing and creating market-relevant opportunities, along with working with and investing in companies that are committed to creating a brighter future for others.